3rd Dimension is a 3D printing service based in Amman, Jordan and mainly serving the MENA region, including but not limited to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt.

We use top of the line 3D printing technology to deliver the highest detailed, colored and quality 3D prints that truly capture the design and intent of your ideas and 3D models. Whether you intend to use your 3D objects as communication aides to present to clients, or if you’re developing a prototype for an industrial or commercial product, we can help you to with our wide range of services.

Is it just an idea you have in your mind? Not a problem, we offer 3D modeling services by experts in 3D printing that will help draw up your ideas into a computer model before sending it to the right type of printer.


3D printing is the process of manufacturing objects through the use of machines that lay-down layers of materials one after the other in order to create the final product.

There are many different types of 3D printers and even more choices in the type of materials that are used.

3D printing serves a wide number of industries and consumers, each requiring a different level of details, physical and mechanical characteristics. For industrial uses, factories and plants require rapid tooling of needed equipment quickly and accurately, that can withstand some stress and friction. While consumer products and decorations focus more on aesthetic beauty.

– We provide 3D printing choice for all users, we at 3rd Dimension are here to help you make the right choices and take your designs into reality.


Flexible Plastic

A single-color plastic that is both flexible and durable, this is a light-weight and versatile-use material. This option is perfect for modern artwork, decorations and product design. With this material, you can even paint it yourself with acrylic-based colors, or have us dye it in a number of available colors. 

Full-Color Sandstone

Make your designs in full color with this powder-based mTaterial that can be made in 180,000 colors in a single object


Offering a smooth plastic-feel, Resin will show your designs in intricate details without giving it a rough finish. This material closely resembles factory-made plastic products. With Resin, you can also paint and color as you please.